Wedding Agreement FAQs


Last Minute Additions

We will only provide hair services to the members listed on this agreement. Names are finalized once the form is turned into Prim Hair Salon. We do this to ensure that you are on time. This includes flower girls, grandparents, parents, aunt Becky. To receive a service, their name must be on the “hair service list” submitted. All names are final 30 days prior to the wedding.

Hair Service Space

To provide the best service possible, we need a space to do so. Please have at least two chairs available (near an electrical outlet) for us to use. We will also need a surface for our tools and products.

This must be ready by the time we arrive. Setting up a space takes away from your time. We want you to feel relaxed and walk down that isle on-time.

On Time, On Schedule

Please make sure that everyone is on time and ready to have their hair styled. If you are 30 minutes late to see us, you risk being 30 minutes late to your wedding.

Wash your hair! Unless your stylist suggests otherwise, please have clean hair. We do not offer a blow dry service on wedding days. Please have your hair 100% dry when you show up. We are not responsible for drying your hair. Having wet hair takes away from the other ladies time to be styled.

Hair Preparation Before Arrival

If you are on our schedule, we have planned everything around you. Our stylists make sure we have enough people for the job. This means we have paid for extra help to be there so we are on schedule. If you are on the schedule, you are responsible for your service.

Be Honest

Only the bride.

We suggest booking the trial run within 30 days of the wedding. You are responsible for getting on the schedule. Trial runs are provided during regular salon hours. Make sure you book this as soon as possible to ensure you are able to have one. Trial runs last an hour. The bride is allowed one trial run at the discounted price.

Trial Run


We charge $75 Per Assistant! The use of an assistant can be requested to speed things along. The use of an assistant is required if more than 6 persons are receiving a service.

The bride agrees to pay in full on the wedding date. The total amount due is based on the wedding day services requested. The total fee is due to the hair stylist as described, regardless of internal arrangements between the bride and the others receiving services. The payment can be cash, cashier’s check, or Venmo. This agreement finalizes your spot on the schedule for your wedding day.

Payment Info