Quick Tips

  • Because of the break in next door, please make sure the Ipad is off of the front desk and charging on the white furniture thing.

  • Make sure you check out any product through the square app. Everything needs to be logged on the app so I can keep up with inventory.

  • Please use cash drawer for change on product ONLY. You are responsible for making change for your own services.


Salon Options

Regardless of what we choose, rent will have to raise at the salon. Dennis is raising the rent on us in August. Read these options carefully so you can vote below on what you want to do. I know this will raise questions, but it is hard for us to meet all at once so I can come in whenever you need me to to talk about it individually or with whoever can meet together. Fill out the form below so I can know your thoughts!

Salon Option 1

Not expanding + No Receptionist


Salon Option 2

Not Expanding + Receptionist

2 days a week


Salon Option 3

Expand next door + 3 day Receptionist


  • Separate seating area

  • Coffee and Pedicure moved next door.

  • More space for break area.

  • Ladies next door gone

  • Receptionist help

Name *