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I understand Prim will only provide hair services to the members listed on this agreement. Names are finalized once the form is turned into Prim Hair Salon. No exceptions. All names are final 30 days prior to the wedding. I will provide a space for the hairstylists to work, apart from others. I will have at least two chairs available (near an electrical outlet) for the stylists to use. I will provide a surface for the tools and products to sit. The names above are responsible for paying the day of the wedding. If someone fails to pay, the bride is responsible. The space will be ready by the time stylists arrive. I will make sure that everyone is on time and ready to have their hair styled. I will make sure everyone receiving a hair service has clean hair. I understand that the stylists do not blow dry the hair on the wedding day. Everyone will have 100% dry hair when they arrive. I understand that the stylists are not responsible for drying any persons hair. I understand that I am responsible for booking my own trial run. I am responsible for making my own appointment. I understand that trial runs are provided during regular salon hours. The bride agrees to pay in full on the wedding date. The total amount due is based on the wedding day services requested. The total fee is due to the hair stylist as described, regardless of internal arrangements between the bride and the others receiving services. The payment can be cash, cashier’s check, or Venmo. This agreement finalizes your spot on the schedule for your wedding day.